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3rd Trimester: 34 to 37 Weeks of Pregnancy

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

If you have made it to the 34th week of pregnancy, you are smack-dab in the middle of your 3rd trimester. Your baby will be born sometime in the next 6 weeks. Now is the time to purchase your car seat. My son was an overachiever and made his debut at 33 weeks and 5 days long before we even thought about about which car seat we wanted to buy. By 34 weeks, your baby is more or less fully baked. The final weeks are spent growing taller and fattening up before meeting you in person.

Photo of pineapple
At 34 weeks, your baby is 30cm long. This is about the size of a pineapple.


By now your baby could be as long as 17.5 inches that is the size of a pineapple without all of the drama on top. Carrying a pineapple might be more comfortable than what you are feeling when your baby works on their Olympics gymnastics routine featuring flips and big kicks. 34 weeks is when your baby's immune system begins developing.

One of the gross things about your baby is that they swallow 1 liter of amniotic fluid every day and urinate the same amount. Their urine mingles with the amniotic fluid because it has no where else to go. Remember that when you go to give your baby a big kiss when they are born.

Photo of a honeydew melon
At 35 weeks, your baby weighs nearly 6 lbs. This is about the size of a Honeydew Melon


Your baby's Sucking Reflex has kicked in by now in preparation for feeding outside of the womb. However, the Fear Paralysis Reflex should be disappearing. Babies that are born prematurely may be born with an active Fear Paralysis Reflex.

In addition, most of your baby's basic physical development is complete. This includes their fingernails and toenails that are now fully formed. Depending on how much longer your baby decides to remain indoors, they may be ready for their first mani-pedi when they make their debut.

Now is the time to set up your nursery in preparation for your baby's homecoming. Even though you may not have had your baby shower yet, you should have a small stash of baby clothes and diapers on hand just in case your baby is in a rush to meet you. Make sure that you wash the clothing and bedding in hypoallergenic laundry detergent to remove any irritants. Click here for our printable Baby Essential Checklist

Photo of bunches of yard long beans
18 inches is the average length of yard long bean just like your baby at 36 weeks


Congratulations! You have made it to your 9th month of pregnancy. By now, you are likely getting uncomfortable. Your baby is over 18 inches long. This is the average length of long beans. You may be feeling pressure in your lower pelvis or on your cervix which might make it hard for you to find a way to relax. What's more your baby is putting on 1 ounce of weight per day. This might be surprising because you likely aren't eat as much in one sitting as you used to since baby is taking up all of the space in your belly. More frequent smaller meals are the order of the day. If you haven't packed your birthing bag by now, it is time to get on it. Your baby will be making their appearance at anytime. Print a copy of our Diaper Bag Packing List.

Photo of a bunch of carrots with greens
At 37 weeks, your baby may be as long as a bunch of carrots


By now, you are done with being pregnant. Your baby is over 19 inches long and over 6 lbs. If you ever slept well during pregnancy, you aren't now. But there are still 2 more weeks to go until your due date. You might be feeling some contractions. They feel like your whole belly is cramping. Your baby's Galant Reflex will help them work their way down your birth canal by bending their body in response to your contractions. When you see a bit of blood in your discharge, you are days away from giving birth. If you see heavier spotting or bleeding, it is time to see your doctor or midwife.

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